What we will do:


The aim of the tour is to combine an insight into homestead farming with hands-on animal fun and that to show that semi self-sufficient farming is still possible in this day and age.


• Feeding and Caring for Animals:

Cows, pigs, chickens, lambs, ducklings, geese, rabbits and more, all want to meet you. What would be nicer than bottle-feeding a lamb, holding a baby chick or giving the calf a cuddle? Here you get to do it all!


Who ever is interested can find out about the different breeds of animals and their characteristics, animal husbandry and their economic uses.


• About bees:

Participants can see the demonstration bee-hive up close, learn the different parts of a beehive, and get an illustrated lecture about the anatomy and the life cycle of the honeybee.


• Vegetable growing:

The tour also leads trough the poly tunnel and fruit garden. You can learn about the principles of growing food inside and outside, the start and maintenance of a fruit garden and orchard and also about ways to be able to live off the home-grown food supply all year round.


• Hand Milking:

This enjoyable age-old skill is easy to learn and really takes us back to nature. Children and adults have fun with our rubber cow.


• Inside the farm kitchen

The Visitors will learn the basic principals of home dairy. Basic dairy tools will be shown and explained, such as a simple cheese press, the butter barrel, and the Yoghurt warmer. The basic principals of making cheese, fresh cheese and yoghurt will also be explained.


• Watch the Barn Owl:

See the tame owl fly silently up close. Sometimes she can even land on ta visitor's arm.


• Tee & Coffee

The tour concludes with tea, coffee  and Scones inside the Conservatory


Adult Farm Tours

3 - hour tour for adult groups or families

 with  mature children


€25 per adult

€15 per child


Group Discount

4 Adults for €80


Please book early

to avoid disappointment

All hands on, even for Adults

Our Turkey is such a Beauty

too cute not to


Marley is real tame now

Ideal Photo Opportunity

Who is the

Cuddle Bear now?