Enjoy the most beautiful coastline imaginable!


White Strand is only 10 minutes from Sneem. Carroll’s Cove has Ireland’s only Beach Bar! and Derrynane is not much further.


Derrynane Bay is one of the most Beautiful and cleanest Beaches in the World. The beach is situated in proximity to a Natural Heritage Area of national importance. Close by you will also find the most beautiful site you will ever find for a graveyard. (the old abbey island)..


Only a few minutes away are the harbour, Derrynane house and the subtropical gardens. The famous Kerry Way walking trail runs through the area as well.


Several less known beaches are scattered in between.

some are only accessible in low tide, for others you need to walk along the coast to find the lonely coves where you can relax in piece and quiet, and enjoy our beautiful bay.


From Sneem you can reach most of them in minutes with the car or paddle out to them with a canoe.


They are all there just waiting for you and you will hopefully find the weather to explore a lot of them!


Have fun!