What we will do:

Feeding and Caring for Animals:

Cows, pigs, chickens, lambs, ducklings, geese, rabbits and more, all want to meet you. What would be nicer than bottle-feeding a lamb, holding a baby chick or giving the calf a cuddle? Here you get to do it all!


Hand Milking:

This enjoyable age-old skill is easy to learn and really takes us back to nature. Children and adults have fun with our rubber cow.


Watch the Barn Owl:

See the tame owl fly silently up close. The birthday child  will even have the owl land on the his/her arm and gets to feed her.


Collecting Eggs:

Are you good at finding things?

We will go egg hunting even when it isn’t Easter!


In the Farm Kitchen:

Learn how to turn cream into butter. It’s like magic. Make scones and have them fresh out of the oven with tee or coffee  and the birthday cake in the Conservatory



Make lovely candles with animal shapes! Playing with soft wax is so cool. Older children might be able to make their own braided candle!


Treasure Hunt

An extra bit of fun at the end of the day will link together what was learned. Action packed with finding clues and answering the quiz questions will the children navigate across the farm to find the treasure at the end.


About the party:

We will take special care that your birthday child have the best birthday he could wish for!

The party is limited to about 10-12 children to assure that all visitors get a safe and happy experience with the animals. We ask for two adults to accompany the children during the event.

You can bring your own home-made birthday or we can organize a cake for you.

Children's Birthday Parties

The best and easiest way to make a
birthday party a great success

Mum made the Birthday Cake

Bucket feeding the calf

No Shortage of Entertainment

Please book early to avoid disappointment

Parties starting times
by arrangement

For Booking Call:
087 3647371.


We can not accommodate Birthday Parties in July and August