Forge your own creations!


Our exciting Blacksmithing workshop will put the hammer in your hand.

Each participant will gain experience by crafting their own unique tool.


Imagine, in years to come you could still be using a knife, chisel or fire poker you made yourself!

A mix of practical application and background theory

tailored to your individual need and liking


The classes are designed to give you a taste of practical blacksmithing.


The techniques covered will be drawing down (thinning) and forging a basic set (shaping an angle), chasing

(chisel engraving) and bending.


Depending upon course duration and individual skill level we would hope that you will make 2 or 3 pieces such as an iron leaf ended fi re poker, a simple knife, a chisel or even a draw knife like those below.


Max. class size is 3 students.

Special requests and personal projects

can be arranged 1:1.

Blacksmithing Workshops

Welcome to the fascinating dynamic of hammer, anvil and hot iron!


Our instructor, Tom Allison, is an experienced professional with a passion for blacksmithing. With his easy-to-learn methods and expert guidance you can start forging straight away.


Tom studied blacksmithing at Hereford College in 1997 and continued his training with an apprenticeship in Wales for 2 years. Tom moved to Sneem in 2000 to set up his own forge and since then has completed a number of major commissions.


During that time he started teaching and later worked in Muckross Traditional Farms demonstrating the old skill of blacksmithing.


His work ranges from contemporary art and designs to traditional historical reproduction and restoration.


Course Fees:


Part of a group:

Half day:

€80 per person

Full Day:

€120 per person


1:1 Tuition

Half day:

€100 per person

Full Day:

€150 per person




Tom Allison

Our exciting Blacksmithing workshop will put the hammer into your hand

Feel the satisfaction of cutting and shaping hot metal

It’s more about technique than strength, blacksmithing can be for everybody

Experience the elements! Hot amber, wild fire sparks, hissing steaming water... Blacksmithing is a powerful meeting of the elements