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“This workshop is 1hour and for children and Adults alike”



We are offering one hour pre-booked candle making workshops for families/pods. The candle making sessions involve all members of the families/pods. It will give every age challenges, satisfactions, and fun of making their own beautiful creations to take home. If you are interested in the candle making please contact us on 086 - 316 0224 for more information or to book. Our home-made unique candle-table and a special wax we use, allows us to hand-shape any thickness of wax into flowers, sculptures and any sort of shape. Adding a wick makes any shape into a candle. This creates a very satisfying atmosphere as all participants make their very own, pretty and once-off candle!


Guaranteed success:

Hand shaped sculpture candles

Flower shaped candles from surface dyed wax sheets

Braided candles from different colour wax strings

Multi coloured wax sheet candles with beeswax pattern

Floating candles made wit the use of pastry cutters

Hand drawn candles

Moulded animal sculptures or Christmas decoration



Candle-making for all ages

Twis-It Roll-it Shape-it Take home your own creations