Geo Park

Explore the landscape, the history and the culture that exist within the Kerry Geopark have combined to create a rich storehouse of features to be explored.


Unique geology, ancient archaeological sites, Irish Language, history and a culture of celebration through music and dance are all to be found in the stunningly beautiful landscape of South Kerry.



Culture, sense of place and traditions are what make an area unique. No where is this more evident than in the Kerry Geopark area, where there is a respect for a way of life that has been handed down from previous generations be it through the spoken and written word, art, music and sport.


At its very essence, Kerry Geopark is about promoting, celebrating and upholding such traditions.



The rugged, coastal landscape of Kerry Geopark lends itself to the potential of great adventure to be enjoyed through Geo-Trails, Eco tours and myriad activities: from watersports to horse riding and so much more.


Renowned for their ability to celebrate, the Geopark communities host a diverse range of festivals and events throughout the year - all of which highlight the unique geological, historical and cultural traditions of the region.

The South Kerry region

has been identified as one of the most significant geological regions in Europe. It represents the westernmost extension of the Amorican or Hercynian mountain building epoch where over 5 km thickness of sandstone were folded and contorted into a range of high mountains. These were weathered down over the ensuing hundreds of millions of years but sculpturing by the Pleistocene Ice Age has left us with a pristine glacial landscape.

As well as the manifestation of the glacial landscape, all of the human history and the culture we see today are a consequence of this unique landscape which has unique geological features, e.g. the Tetrapod trackway of Valentia.