Hen  Parties

Make your Hen Party different, quirky, memorable, creative and fun!


Party Packages:


2-2½ hour Package

Prosecco,Farm-Games, Tea,Coffee & Scones:

15-20 participants €500

21-25 participants €550

26-30 participants €600


3-3½ hour Package

Prosecco, Nibbels, Farm-Games, Candlemaking, Owl, Tea,Coffee & Scones

15-20 participants €600

21-25 participants €650

26-30 participants €700


3½ -4 hour Package

Prosecco, Nibbels, Farm-Games and Competitions, Candlemaking, Owl, Tea,Coffee & Scones

20-25 participants €1100

26-30 participants €1200


Why not spend an afternoon at Blueberry Hill Farm for a bit of a laugh, dare and pleasure in a relaxed down to earth sort of a way?


Food and Drink


• Prosecco

Our parties always start with prossecco. It lightens the spirit, gives you a chance to toast with friends you haven’t seen in ages and to introduce guests that come from different circles of friends and haven’t met before.


• Nibbles

We can have a small cold buffet of finger-food and nibbles ready to go with the prossecco and later served again when sitting down at the end.


• Coffee, Tea and Scones

It is important to let the event fade out, the heart rate calm down and revitalize with a hot cupa. We serve homemade scones with our own Blueberry Hill Farm Butter and Jam




• Meet Father Ted, the mad Turkey

Always the first ice breaker after the Prossecco, the blindfolded Hen has to feel the turkey's neck and gobble, and guess what it is. (it could be mistaken for all sort of weard things)

As turkeys go, he is actually harmless. We hand feed all our poultry but the turkey can be quite intimidating, and if we start with him it might take some bravery to actually stretch out the hand with food and get on with it. Afterwards we can hand-feed the chicken ducks and geese, which are quite impressive to. It’s always great laughter between tension and relive during the feeding of the big birds.


• Lift up a Goose

The geese are very impressive but if done right, one can lift them up no problem and someone else can feed them while on the arm. The Hen, having never done it before, might have a hard time catching and lifting up a goose. He might even get a dirty present in the process.


• Egg and spoon with a twist (competition)

Two groups will send runners to fetch the eggs from under the hens. Once out of the chicken house the eggs have to be thrown to the rest of the team. Who says flying eggs cant be intercepted. Its amazing how engaged everybody always gets in this game, and what excellent passes and snatch rescues get performed.


• Milking the Cow

Orla the super tame cow has horns and looks quite strong. We milk her in the field without tying her up, which works quite well for us. It’ll be great fun to watch the Hen or Stag how she/he gets on with their first milking attempts.

This is followed by a small milking competition on the training udder.


• Sit and ride on the Cow

This depends a bit on the weight of the hen/stag, small - medium people can ride on Orla, the cow. Usually she stands still enough to comfortably get up on her. Once on the cow, its a priceless photo opp and if more people want to face the challenge they are quite welcome.


• Hold the Owl

This is more a special treat than a joke. It is amazing to have the eagle-owl sit on your arm. we start with the bride, but everyone gets a go.

The owl being a semi wild animal I cannot guarantee this to work out as planned as she can get spooked by the crowd, but it has allays worked out so far.


• Catching the goats (competition)

Quite a task, if they haven't got a collar to grab hold of them. The two teams need to herd as many goats as they can into their team's stable. Most successful team wins..







• Groom - Tossing .  (Sheaf)

- An old Irish tradition that requires more skill than strength. Everyone can join in like in most activities. In our case the sheef is in the shape of the groom, (so handle with care)

Never the less, He'll have to fly over that ever rising bar until the champion is found.


• Water Tower Game (competition)

This is a team-building game where participants get wet and need to work together fast and efficient. This could be ran in two groups which both include the stag for the position that gets the wettest.


• Wheelbarrow Race (competition)

The race is usually played with water being carted around an obstacle course.

In one of our version of the game whole team has to be transferred, one by one, across the green. First team to have transferred their members wins.

This sure is not half as easy as it sounds, and no shortage of laughter and mishaps on the way.


• Skiing Race

The skis are planks with loupes for the feet where groups of 4 men have to coordinate their moves to walk the course of the race, common enough to loose balance and fall in the mud.


• Milking Competition

Milking the training udder is quite challenging. Best performed with one person on each nipple and lots of rotation and laughter. Now keep going until the time is up. the fullest bucket wins


• Tug-A-War

Depending on weather and the tolerance getting wet and muddy, Tug-a-war is a fantastic game for a bit of fun.


• Mucking out the Pig or Cow Stable (competition)

Mucking out alone is already fun for all to watch, never mind when the pigs are still in the stable. Once the wheelbarrow is loaded it needs to be manoeuvred to the manure heap and up the steep ramp, where it gets tipped out without oneself falling off in the process. (15min)



Our special set-up allows participants to play with easy playable wax which hardens then quickly in cold water. Options are to make one or two ornamental candles for everyone to take home, or to be collected and used on the Wedding. We can also make a multitude of heart shaped candles, ideal to combine with the big day.





having fun milking

The Wheelbarrow Race

Egg & Spoon with a Twist

Super Delux Buffet

Create your Day

I am sure we can think of more activities to keep your party entertained, but even for 3 to 4 hours, you have plenty options with the above.

We suggest you pick a package from the menu above, or take a pick from the list of activities, and we then put a personalised time-frame and price together. Any suggestions or alterations to what we already listed are welcome and we are confident that we can create an unforgettable event for everybody involve