Why not spend an afternoon at Blueberry Hill Farm for a bit of a laugh dare and pleasure in a relaxed down to earth sort of a way?


Check out what we have to offer to make your event a success! 


Below is a list of many possible activities to choose from for a hen or stag party. A all of them could be altered or tweaked as by your suggestions. It is obviously not possible to do all the things in one afternoon.


Once you have picked your favourite events we could give you a close idea how much they would take and what overall costs is involved.


• Catching the Pig

We have tame enough pigs and piglets that are harmless and safe to be handled, never the less, if we let them free away from the pig-sty, it would be a job and a half and great fun for anyone to manoeuvre them back into the pigsty. (20min)


• Feeding the mad Turkey

As turkeys go, he is actually harmless, but he has a hard peck. We hand feed all our poultry but the turkey can be quite intimidating, and if we start with him it might take some bravery to actually stretch out the hand with food and get on with it. Afterwards we can all feed the gees, which are quite impressive to. It’s always great laughter between tension and relive during the feeding of the big birds. (15min)


• Lift up a Goose

The geese are very impressive but if done right, one can lift them up no problem and someone else can feed them while on the arm. The Stag, having never done it before, might have a hard time catching and lifting up a goose. He might even get a dirty present in the process.  (5min)


• Milking the Cow

Ramona the super tame cow has horns and looks quite strong. We milk her in the field without tying her up, which works quite well for us. It’ll be great fun to watch the Stag how he gets on with his first milking attempts. (15min)


• Sit and ride on the Cow

This depends a bit on the weight of the stag, small people can ride on the heifer which is well used to it. The bigger cow won't stay half as still on attempts to ride her and it would be quite a spectacle to see the stag sitting on her. Never the less even on the big cow would be a weight restriction on the riders. (10min)


• Fly the Owl

This is more a special treat than a joke. It is amazing to have the owl fly towards you and land on your arm. You feed the owl with a piece of chick as a reward, and send her off for another flight for her to come back to collect the next treat. The owl being a semi wild animal I cannot guarantee this to work out as planned as she can easy get spooked by the crowd, or just have a bad day. Never the less it’s worth the attempt and always a good experience to even just see her fly to one of us. (20min)


• Mucking out the Pig or Cow Stable

Mucking out alone is already fun for all to watch, never mind when the pigs are still in the stable. Once the wheelbarrow is loaded it needs to be manoeuvred to the manure heap and up the steep ramp, where it gets tipped out without oneself falling off in the process. (15min)


• Plucking the Chicken

We can have a freshly killed chicken ready to be plucked. That’s a very fluffy activity and might not be so easy for Hen nor stag if they have never done anything like it before. If plucked early on, in the day, the chicken could be part of the final sitting down for a bite to eat at the end of the day. (15min)


• Skin a Rabbit

Probably more for a Stag then for a hen, but it might more shock the rest of the crew. This might be fun too and earn the Stag a few extra points. (20min)


• Sheaf tossing

- An old Irish tradition that requires more skill than strength. Everyone can join in like in most activities. If the stag is not having a hard time already, we can attach a funny handicap to his attempts. (30min – 1hour)


• Water Tower Game

This is a teambuilding game where participants get wet and need to work together fast and efficient. This could be ran in two groups which both include the stag for the position that gets the wettest. (20min)


• Wheelbarrow Race

The race is usually played with water being carted around an obstacle course. In our version of the game the hen or stag could be the load in the barrow. (15-20min)


• Skiing Race

The skis are planks with loupes for the feet where groups of 4 men have to coordinate their moves to walk the course of the race, common enough to loose balance and fall in the mud. (20min)


• Retrieve the Drink from the Island

We have a quite large pond on the property that lends it self to water games. The Stag could be required to build a raft to sit on and then be manoeuvred with ropes from the pond’s edges to the island in the middle. There he will find a bottle of whisky or something the like, to bring back for the Irish coffee served afterwards. Alternatively the stag could use a kayak to paddle out which is difficult enough if one is not used to kayaking. (30-45min)


• Tug-A-War

Depending on weather and the tolerance getting wet and muddy, Tug-a-war is a fantastic game for a bit of fun. (15min)


• Making Scones

Sure it’s time for the stag to get used to kitchen work, so he can already start on his Stag-night with making scones for everyone. That’s always a fun operation to see men in the kitchen and we surely will find enough handicap for it to be very funny. (15min)


• Make a Necklace in the Smithy

The smithy is not big enough to involve everybody, but in good weather the stag could forge a leaf necklace for the bride. The rest of the party would have to watch and take turns on the bellows. It will be interesting how long it will take for the Stag to get a very tired arm or to miss the steel altogether in his attempts to forge this present for his future wife.

This works also for a Hen, as she can train up to show the Groom who that there is no messing with her. (30-60min)


• Bonfire

Weather depending, we could have a great big bonfire prepared, to warm up between the activities. This would also create a rustic atmosphere around the blacksmithing and the plucking and skinning of the animals. (Possibly right from the start, it could be the hen or stag’s job to light it)



Finish off with a BBQ and finger food and drink around the fire. Alternatively in case of bad weather, a buffet or finger food can be prepared inside.  (as long as you like, to fade out the day)



Durations noted for each event are just guesstimates. Additional time needs to be allowed in the plan for between the activities.


The activities listed above are going far beyond any available public liability insurance cover and we will have to ask every participant to sign a disclaimer that indemnifies us, in the unlikely event of any injury or damage to cloth or pocket devices.


I am sure we can think of more activities to keep your party entertained, but even for 3 to 4 hours, you have plenty options with the above.

We suggest you take a pick from the above activities, and we then in turn put a package with time-frame and price together. Any suggestions or alterations to what we already listed are welcome and we are confident that we can create an unforgettable event for everybody involved.


Hen or Stag Parties Make your Hen Party different, quirky, memorable, creative and fun! Treat your Stag to something different before the piss-up in the pubs