Home Dairy Workshops

Welcome to the magic of turning Milk into all these yummy goodies!

Home Dairy for You:


Owning a cow brings you a huge step closer to self sufficiency. A healthy cow can give enough milk for all the dairy products a family needs.


It's much simpler than most people think.


In principle, you don't even need your own cow!

A supply of milk from your neighbour for example, some simple equipment and a normal kitchen is all you need to make your own dairy products.


For making hard cheese, we will use a small but very efficient cheese-press, and you will have the opportunity to buy this model from us after the course, so you can continue making hard cheeses at home.


Of course, we'll be practising milking by hand in the morning. This enjoyable age-old skill is easy to learn and really brings us back to nature.

Then in the farmhouse kitchen, we will teach you how to transform our milk into delicious yoghurt, soft cheeses, hard cheeses and real butter. This workshop will give you knowledge and skills which you can put into practice at home afterwards.



What we will make together:


Fresh Cheese

Hard Cheese




on Blueberry Hill Farm you can learn how to make butter in one of our home dairy courses
nearly there, soon the cream will turn into butter. easy hands on on Blueberry Hill Farm in County Kerry

Course Fees:


1-Day Course:

€120 per person


Group discount:

€80 per person

Our exciting Blacksmithing workshop will put the hammer in your hand

Cheese press from simple planed battons screwed together and braced under the hanging kitchen cabinet.