Mission Statement


Living in nature or not, live is always a compromise between giving and taking, between what we think we need four us, and what we can be without for nature’s sake. People will always leave a severe impact on their surrounding.


What shape shape and form our impact takes, is up to us.

We try to live a life where we respect and appreciate nature. We try to not break the balance to much, and tune into what the land around us demands and deserves. We try not to force our will and ideas onto   the ground that we are taking care of.

We try to live of the land to reduce the impact we course to the area we can also look after.


This way of life we chose is not the easiest: Some years we struggle and jobs like weeding and digging seem like a burden, other years are a pure buzz from start to finnish, working outside, exposed to the elements, and watching the land flourish and blossom.


We want to show you how much fun it can be. How rewarding to seed, plant and harvest, or to keep animals.


We want to show you that a different life is possible.

We feel obliged, after being granted such a paradise, to pass on some skills we developed over the years, and help you acquire basic skills that will benefit you on your own path to nature.


This life is to pressures to live it the fast way! Take your time, live close with your children and family, and be fair to nature.