The focus of a school tour can be recreational or educational, whatever the reason for the visit to Blueberry Hill Farm. Pupils and teachers leave having had fun, learned something new, and experienced the welcoming personal touch we offer.


The Group will tour the farm in a student / guide ratio of about 6:1.

With this aim in mind, a great deal of thought has gone into the design of each section of the tour. The results are detailed below.

Splitting children into four groups will accommodate an anticipated group of 20-24. Some of the topics might have already been subject of education during the school year and the content of the tour can be adjusted to the desired learning outcomes of the individual school.

We are most flexible in the program to suit your requirements, however the following itinerary is a well-approved structure that we suggest as a framework for activities. The content can be adjusted to the time available







• Cattle, Pig, Lam and Goat Stalls:

Pupils will have the chance to interact with the tame animals and get involved with hand feeding, and brushing the animal. The rubber udder is a great tool to playfully appreciate where milk comes from. Most children will even be able to sit on one of the tame cows.


• Poultry Pen:

Visitors will be taken into the pen to observe the chickens and ducks, hand feed them, even hold them and collect eggs from the laying boxes. We always have a small flock of baby chicks that usually find the children’s special attention.


• The Honeybee:

The class will learn about the life cycle of a bee and will get a close up look at them through our observation Hive and with enlarged imagery.


• Candle Workshop:

A heated (just hand warm) table in a dedicated room will allow visitors to hand- mould warm wax into any shape they wish. The beauty of this is the satisfaction participants have, as any outcome, no matter what, will be a functional candle and is a unique creation of the maker.


• Rabbit Run:

One of the super cute attractions are the rabbits. Plentiful in their number, old and young likes to feed them. Everybody gets some carrot on sticks to fed the little bunnies. Sometimes there are tiney baby rabbits to admire as well.


• Farm Kitchen:

Students will churn cream into butter and use this to produce traditional Irish scones. The scones will be served in the conservatory during lunch.


• Treasure Hunt:

A treasure trail will be laid out across the land. The treasure hunt will have an educational theme relating back to the activities of the tour. The children will have to answer Farm Quiz Questions, which will deepen the things they have learned during the day.




School and Club Tours

An exciting way to combine education and fun!






June 15, 2013

The children of 1st ,2nd and 3rd class from Scoil Mhichíl Naofa Baile 'n Sceilg had a fantastic day at Blueberry Hill. It didn't matter about the rain, they were active and highly entertained all day and loved every minute of it!!! Míle Buíochs to Ziggy ,Yvonne and Adam for all their wonderful work with the children And Adults!!!!



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